seal Unfortunately, disasters happen on a daily basis. Grease fires in the kitchen, lightning striking, electrical fires... these traumas leave people in a state of chaos. Getting your life back to a normal state as quickly as possible is the ultimate goal of Complete Restoration, Inc.

Even the smallest fire can be damaging and completely devastating to a household. Complete Restoration, Inc. provides professional, hassle-free care that includes burn damage restoration, smoke odor removal and much, much more.

Besides the resulting damages, the stench of smoke is a serious issue even from small fires. When larger fires occur, sometimes porous items - such as drywall or roof trusses - need to be treated and/or replaced. The catalyst of the fire itself dictates the different type of residue that remains on surfaces. Each type of residual deems its own unique processes for a complete restoration. Cabinets and other woodwork may or may not be salvaged depending on their finish. Nevertheless, if smoke and soot are not removed with proper methods, the stale smoke odor will be ever present when you open cabinets, closets, go into your attic, or turn on your central heat and air unit.

Not all items or structures can be restored, but Complete Restoration, Inc. will assess those issues with a case-to-case evaluation. Removal, repair, restoration, and rebuilding of your structure is our number one priority. Restoring what's possible has saved insurance companies millions of dollars over the years. That result ultimately saves you (and other home and small business owners) on a daily basis with the availability of lower premiums.

Insurance notice

When weather turns violent, the damage can be severe. Complete Restoration, Inc. will work alongside your insurance company to soften the blow, and get you - and your home - back to normal. Over the past two decades, Complete Restoration professionals have assisted thousands of people ease the stress, simplify the restoration process, and recover from the storm damages to their homes.

At Complete Restoration, Inc. - not only do we know how to get your home back to normal - we understand how devastating damage to your home can be. Our emergency response teams will work with you to get you and your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Complete Restoration, Inc. professionals are wind and storm damage repair experts, and are ready and waiting to help you! We understand the stress and worries of getting your home fixed when the unexpected happens. Your CR professional will review your situation, answer all your questions, prepare a plan, and assist you with your insurance provider to quickly get your home and your life back to normal

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