water-damage Water can be a beautiful thing, but also be very destructive. Water damage happens frequently for homeowners. This disaster may sometimes be caused by weather-related incidents or fire-extinguishing efforts, but the more recurring culprits seem to be broken pipes or ruptured water lines that you would most commonly find with your washing machines, dishwashers, ice makers, sinks, or toilets.

The longer the water "sits," the damage accelerates and makes the actual clean-up process harder to accomplish. Immediately addressing water issues can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in end-result repairs and possibly avoid mold growth.

Complete Restoration, Inc. responds to hundreds of water damage calls every year. Our CR professionals have a thorough knowledge of water damage and how each impacts our response. Using the latest technology and equipment, we can extract the water and begin the restoration process. With proven science to identify the extent of the water damage and to verify drying results, we can further ensure that rooms, carpet, furniture and other household contents are completely dry before we leave your home.

You want your home back to the condition it was in prior to the water damage as quickly as possible. At Complete Restoration, Inc., we know just how to do that.

- EMERGENCY SERVICES: 24/7 availability for our professionals to be
  on site and assisting you within a few hours.

- ASSESS AND ESTIMATE: Complete Restoration, Inc. trained
  professionals will perform a prompt damage assessment and
  estimate to speed the overall process of your recovery time!

- WATER REMOVAL: State-of-the-art water extraction equipment will
  be stationed in your home to remove the majority of water (from
  carpets and padding).

- MOISTURE: Complete Restoration, Inc. will also place industrial-grade
  dehumidifiers and air movers in your home to remove any remaining
  moisture (Mold evasion).

- RECONSTRUCTION: If reconstruction of the affected areas is necessary,
  process will begin as soon as water and moisture removal is complete.

- SANITATION: Complete Restoration, Inc. will sanitize, deodorize and perform air purification processes to insure that
  your dwelling returns to its natural state.

- INSURANCE CLAIM ASSISTANCE: Complete Restoration, Inc. offers assistance with the insurance claims process.
  The disaster-caused situation often leaves you overwhelmed with the overall project. Let our professionals help!

No matter the type or severity of your water damage, our ultimate goal at Complete Restoration, Inc. is to get your property back to normal as fast as possible.

We get your property back to normal faster. Many water damage jobs require little or no demolition or reconstruction, so with our innovative drying methods we can often have you back in your home in just days! Call 731-423-1777 or click here for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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